A 3D tour powered by floorplans and measurements

Provide a full listing

Add iGuide to photos to provide the information buyers are looking for when searching for a home online: measurements, floorplans 3D and photos displayed in an interactive, mobile-friendly format.

Add iGuide to your photos

Add iGuide to your listing to provide the information buyers are looking for when searching for a home online: measurements, floorplans, photographs, neighborhood info and agent contact. Easily share with social media, embed in your website, or use our DIY website builder.
iGUIDE Viewer

This is the platform that contains the foorplans and 3D, photos, video and neighborhood info – all in one easy to use tool.

iGUIDE Report

Our iGUIDE® Report is what you receive once your iGUIDE is ready. It includes 3D tour links, professional images, property details, and easy-to-embed code. In it you will find all of the links, downloads, and tools you need to list your property.

iGUIDE Analytics

Analytics provides valuable call-to-action insights focused on where your listing is getting the most traffic and by whom. Leverage these to help you make strategic decisions. We focus on providing you with the information you need; so that you can focus on closing the deal.

Click to explore our 3D tours below. See photos and property information.

Included with every iGuide


The most popular way to look at a property. They are quick to load, easy to share, and have universal appeal. Photos are included with every iGuide.


Floorplans represent a space in 2 dimensions and understand an entire property at a glance. They give context for each room relative to the whole and help with planning and decision making.

Floor and room dimensions

iGUIDE Camera’s time-of-flight laser scanner with 0.5% or better dimensional uncertainty gives confidence in measurements and results in reliable floor plans which are provided in multiple formats across the iGUIDE platform.

Square footage and floor areas

These calculations attach value to a property and are used in real estate listings, comparables analysis, and Automated Valuation Models. Every iGUIDE provides detailed and defensible square footage analysis.

360° images

Visually explore whatever you want from the perspective of someone standing in the property. Check out the dishwasher, the fireplace, or look at the ceiling. Get a more immersive visual experience than with still photos alone.

Neighborhood information

Maps and around the neighborhood is useful for finding schools, restaurants, libraries, and transit. The surrounding area is really important and can be more important than the property itself.

Provide an online experience to keep viewers engaged with your listing

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