Unique Mid-century Modern home in Hollin Hills, Alexandria, VA

Photography to Tell the Story of the Home

 This is a unique house with a number of parallel stories – the design, the age, the details. We provided a full Virtual Tour and Photography package, along with sunset photos that show how special the view is. We added a walkthrough video and social media reel to showcase the property on social media.

Exterior Photography

Every photo is enhanced and color corrected. No sky replacements were required on this day in late winter. Exterior photos display the best of the home – glass windows, butterfly roof, impressive rear view – and features of the yard – size, views, tree placement and so on. 

Interior Photography

Interior photography is the cornerstone of our business.
We love it and take pride in it. Every photo is composed, lit and hand edited for the best quality.

Twilight Photography

Twilight photography captures the house lit and glowing, with “blue hour” skies and atmosphere.
We hope you agree there is no better way to showcase a stunning property.

Extras – just for fun

Look carefully! In 1999, a group of “Hollin Hills pioneers” are photographed in front of the same wall and almost the same art.  

[twenty20 img1="28160" img2="28161" offset="0.5"]

And yes, we do get very excited to see the original blueprint as drawn by Mr Goodman himself! 

[twenty20 img1="28166" img2="28167" offset="0.5"]

Virtual Tour to Provide the Information

Our sophisticated technology, iGuide,  captures floorplans, measurements and a 3D tour of the property. This provides essential information for buyers searching for a home online.
Included is ANSI certified measurements, online and printable floorplans. 

Video to Increase Engagement

Video helps consumers put a face to the brand, making you more relatable. Help your buyers engage and stay on your listing for longer. Use the traditional style horizontal format for your website and to publish to Facebook and YouTube. Use vertical, faster, shorter video for other social media such as Instagram, Twitter, and TicTok.  Video on social helps agents get the word out faster about their services.

Traditional Walkthrough Videography

Vertical video REEL


Agent REEL


From our client

“I can only say AMAZING things about Tammy and her services. We have a large real estate team and had used a different photographer for 20 years! Another agent recommended Tammy and wow….it truly brought our business to another level. Most importantly, Tammy really cares about her photos and making sure they are perfect. She is a partner in making us successful and looking good to our sellers. I am slightly hesitant to write a review, because I am worried she will get too busy!”

Lee Braun, Poole Braun Team

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