It was a HOT day to be working – but we had fun at this resort-style condo complex in Alexandria, VA. Welcome to the Watergate at Landmark, where a thousand square feet runs about $200,000 and parking spaces are hot property.

There was a nice community of residents – in the pools, pet area, yoga class, library, hair salon and common spaces. As soon as the cafe opened my colleagues grabbed a beer each (I was working, I had a coke) and off we went exploring.

Since I couldn’t be in the pool, I was happy for the cooling underground tunnels to get between buildings.

There are four large condo buildings, each about 18 floors high, and packed with a variety of living arrangements.

The condo I saw was very nice, spacious and had great views.


Let us know in the comments if you have ever spent any time at the Watergate at Landmark.