Real Estate Photography Packages*
*License to use photographs to market only the listing. Extended licenses available on request.

Pricing by property size

Photos Only

Photos + Standard iGuide

Photos + Premium iGuide

2000 sq.ft.




2001-3000 sq.ft.




3001-5000 sq.ft.




Larger than 5000 square feet, we would prefer to discuss or see the property in order to price effectively.

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Popular Add Ons

Enhanced Exterior ($15)

Convert your main exterior into a striking photo: change the season, sky, grass, light or time of day.

Highlights Movie ($45)


For those who don’t want to invest $200+ for a walkthrough video, but still want to satisfy your clients with a complete marketing plan.

We create a teaser video or trailer from the photos. Each video is about 35 seconds, optimized for social media. 

Custom branding and your choice of text is applied, free of charge, on request. 

Added to iGuide under a “video” tab, and to YouTube to up your Google rank. 

Virtual Staging ($40 per photo) – 48 hours delivery

Save on staging fees! 

ZILLOW boost video $35 

We are Zillow certified and upload directly.

If you participate in the Zillow program, we are happy to take you boost video with our ipad-Pro and a wider angle lens.  

Flash Drives

“Our buyers love your package so much, they asked for a version on a USB”  

Just one

Flash drive with the full presentation of iGuide, photos and property information. Branded with your logo at no extra charge.

Set of Four

One for each party at the closing table. Branded with your logo at no extra charge. 

Item removal (from $7)

Neighbor’s car in the shot? THAT ladder next door?  We can digitally remove almost anything….

Send your challenge!  We do insist that permanent structures remain true to form for Real Estate Photography.  

Social Media Posts

($5 per photo or $10 for three)

Promote, promote promote.  Set up your branding just once, at no extra cost. Images optimized for web

Aerial Photo and Video

(from $250/48hrs)

Drone Photography and a 2-min video from the air. We can ONLY do this in legitimate fly zones.